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We offer an individualized approach by listening and designing a treatment or performance plan just for you.  If you’re hurting and want to get back to feeling great, we have physical therapists that will help you feel better and coach you along the way.  Want to feel great and perform at your best?  We have performance training tailored to your personal needs.

we do

Manual Therapy

We use a series of hands-on techniques to reduce pain and reset the nervous system.  These can include Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, mobilizations/manipulations, cupping, and other forms of soft tissue work.

Exercise Prescription

In combination with manual therapy, we prescribe exercises based on our clinical assessment and meeting the patient where she or he is.  We ultimately want a patient to access ranges of movement that help them function or perform at their best and progress to building tissue capacity through those ranges through resistance training to build a stronger and healthier person.

Balance and Neuromuscular Re-Education

We use a variety of techniques to help patients recover balance and improve stability, posture, and coordination of movements.


We often use a movement based diagnostic system to provide us with a clinical assessment for those who experience pain.  This helps us get to the cause of your pain, not just treating the source.  It also helps us identify if you have a mobility or stability problem contributing to your diagnosis.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Whether you are recovering from knee/hip replacement, ACL surgery, rotator cuff repair, or other orthopedic procedures, our physical therapists are here to help you recover and provide a one-on-one experience that will help you return to your best.

Sports Physical Therapy

We have extensive experience in helping athletes recover from injury and safely return to sport through proven load progression, education and sport-specific physical therapy.  After recovering from injury, our sports performance programs help bridge the gap between injury and sport.

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